Spring into Autumn as Summer falls

The season is changing as we spring into Autumn and Summer falls into a distant memory and our days feel shorter.

Can we really be saying goodbye to Summer already? It seems only a few weeks ago, that I was eagerly anticipating the white blossoms sprouting from the hedgerows. Painting the blackbirds flitting about, their beaks crammed full of worms. It appears nature has moved quicker than me.

Female Blackbird 30 min watercolour

Over the Summer months I have sauntered over fields, searching for those elusive stunning viewpoints, painting them, from the first rays of sunlight, through morning mist, under storm breaking clouds, to the evening long shadows, spreading as the fiery sun sets.


Summer Plein Air Watercolours

It has been an interesting Summer Sketch outdoor exploration and I have drawn and painted in various sketch books and scribbled plenty of notes. During the summer months I’ve been out and about in the countryside quickly painting as much as possible . Yet I still feel I’m on the outer edge of observing and painting nature.

Wheatfield watercolour wash plein air

As an artist I am always attempting to balance my time between painting large, detailed, meticulous watercolours and plein air watercolour washes, that instantly capture an overall loose impression. I am surrounded by a marvellous array of interesting subjects and it can be difficult trying to paint them all. I am well aware there are only so many summers within a lifetime and sadly I watch as another one disappears, before I can fully paint my understanding of nature in Summer.

Fine Art Prints

Storm watercolour wash plein air

I love standing and observing and being totally immersed with my paint and brush, painting what has caught my eye. I am trying to make sense of it all and interpret and share what I see. It is interesting to see how the light can glare through the clouds and across the landscape. The sunlight can create stark shapes, vibrant colours or deep shadows.

Red Sunset watercolour wash plein air

I hope you enjoy these few plein air watercolours I painted this Summer. I have painted quickly, firstly to capture my immediate impression and secondly to make the most of the daylight and a long walk. Therefore if you see me wandering about, I’ll probably be balancing an open sketchbook as I walk (waiting for a watercolour wash to dry, so I can begin another one).

Fine Art Prints


I am looking forward to painting the Autumn colours, as weather experts predict a good Autumn display this year. So I am really hoping to use lots of yellow, orange and red watercolour pigments. My rucksack is packed and I have my paint brushes ready, because you never know how long the Autumn colours will last.

Author: Helen Parry

I am a self-taught watercolour artist, which has been the best way for me to learn my own style and technique, as there are no boundaries. I love the luminosity and the subtle layers of colour I can achieve with watercolour and prefer to use this medium.