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I am a Pure Technical Watercolour Artist..

Brown Hare - My Original Watercolour Painting by Helen Parry Watercolour Artist #HelenParry, #HelenParryArtist, #HelenParryArt

My style of watercolour painting has a unique and highly technical approach, pushing the boundaries of watercolour paints, to reveal layers of colours, hues, definition and extremely detailed watercolour paintings that have a distinct 3D effect of realism, rarely seen with watercolours.

Stag in Winter by Helen Parry Watercolour Artist

To take watercolour painting to a highly skilful level I use only 3 transparent primary colours, meaning all the layers and combination of colours on my paintings are created from just 3 colours.

These 3 primary colours are mixed in various combinations within my palettes for smaller artworks and on larger watercolour paintings the colours are wpid1773-MG_4000022-16.10.12.jpglayered and mixed on the watercolour paper.

All white areas of my paintings have to be considered before I paint, as I do not use white paint. All the white on my watercolour paintings are the paper.

My goals as a painter are to fully master the technical abilities of watercolour paint and to achieve this in it’s most natural state, which means I do not use paintings aids

  • No ready mixed colours, to use as an approximate colour.
  • No white paint, to quickly create a highlight effect.
  • No black paint, to quickly define a harsh effect.
  • No masking fluid, to mark off white areas.
  • No mixed media, to create a quick effect.

My watercolour paintings take time and consideration, I use watercolours in their most natural state, to reflect the beauty of the natural world around us.

My watercolour paintings are Pure Technical Watercolours.

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