New Year 2016

Start of a New Year

I’m not one for new year resolutions, but I do make lists, though not long ones, they are far too daunting. I had thought to share a new year poem with you here, but nothing springs to mind. Most New Year poems relate to the ending and misfortunes of the previous year and of wild snowy winters. So nothing appeared to suit the New Year of 2016.

Helen Parry_The Tree
Oak Tree – Branching Out watercolour


Firstly I am not one for looking back with regrets, though there are times when I can begin to moan, but this is just a moment (perhaps a long moment?), though soon I start to look forward and see the positive side and what I have learnt (nauseating for some, I’m sure). Secondly this (2015) Winter season has not felt like Winter, no frosty mornings, with dry, hard soil under foot and a bitter blustery wind to contend with. Instead it has been dark, overcast, misty and wet! Admittedly there have been sharp. tempestuous storms raging (living on a ridge means we feel the full force of these violent storms), but each day it has rained, leaving limp soggy leaves squashed in the mud, lanes with trickles of water running to the potholes and everyone hurrying along with heads bowed.

It feels we are not starting the year anew, but waiting for Spring to arrive, the sound of the cuckoo, the lighter evenings and the sprouting of crocuses and of course more dry sunny weather. Therefore at the start of this New Year I shall imagine we are in Spring. Though if we were suddenly to have blankets of snow across the landscape I would embrace the concept of Winter. I enjoy walking upon the crisp unmarked snow and how the landscape changes character when immersed in fresh gleaming white snow and the brightness of sky and moonlight as the snow reflects the light around.

Arley in Autumn - My Original Watercolour Painting by Helen Parry Watercolour Artist #HelenParry, #HelenParryArtist, #HelenParryArt
Arley In Autumn watercolour


So though there are no New Year resolutions, I aim to write more blogs (don’t hold your breath) and I have assessed and made plans for more outdoor sketching, though this is always weather dependent (watercolour paint and rain are not conducive and umbrellas are cumbersome over stiles and rocks). Of course I shall continue the 30 minute watercolour series and I have yet to write blogs and organise the images of paintings I completed in 2015, so still lots to do.

Therefore I had better get on with it and wish you all a drier 2016, especially everyone suffering the floods across the North of England and Scotland.

Helen Parry pencil sketch of a stile
Stile and Tree pencil sketch

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Author: Helen Parry

I am a self-taught watercolour artist, which has been the best way for me to learn my own style and technique, as there are no boundaries. I love the luminosity and the subtle layers of colour I can achieve with watercolour and prefer to use this medium.