Merry Christmas

Christmas is quickly approaching and I’m looking forward to a few hectic relaxing days with the family (one can dream!). I am sure our house will be filled with sarcasm laughter and fun!

I’m not expecting watercolour materials under the christmas tree, but I will be wishing for snow. It would be great to get outdoors and go sledging. The higher the hill, the more thrilling, though trudging uphill with a sledge can be tiring, but warming.

I do like to walk on the crisp, white snow and view a blanket of whiteness stretching from our home across to the Clee Hills, the Stretton Hills and the Wrekin. It would be wonderful to paint these winter scenes.

So besides wishing for snow, I just wanted to wish you all A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Winter Sunrise Watercolour painting
Winter Sunrise Watercolour

Deer by John Drinkwater (1882-1937)

SHY in their herding dwell the fallow deer.
They are spirits of wild sense. Nobody near
Comes upon their pastures. There a life they live,
Of sufficient beauty, phantom, fugitive,
Treading as in jungles free leopards do,
Printless as evelight, instant as dew.
The great kine are patient, and home-coming sheep
Know our bidding. The fallow deer keep
Delicate and far their counsels wild,
Never to be folded reconciled
To the spoiling hand as the poor flocks are;
Lightfoot, and swift, and unfamiliar,
These you may not hinder, unconfined
Beautiful flocks of the mind.

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Author: Helen Parry

I am a self-taught watercolour artist, which has been the best way for me to learn my own style and technique, as there are no boundaries. I love the luminosity and the subtle layers of colour I can achieve with watercolour and prefer to use this medium.