Watercolour Paintings by Watercolour Artist Helen Parry

Watercolour Paintings by Helen Parry

I love the luminosity and the subtle layers of colour I can
achieve with watercolour medium.

Welcome to my website, I’m a specialist in watercolour paintings. I live in the beautiful county of Shropshire.

Watercolour paintings are my world. Whenever I view a painting, I analyse it technically, to see not only what the artist has to say, but also how they went about saying it. I love to see the brushwork of watercolour paintings, they have their own story.

Helen Parry Watercolour Artist Carding Mill ValleyI enjoy the technical challenge that watercolours have and I prefer to work as closely as possible with transparent primary pigments. My watercolour paintings have a unique, fine detail technique, rather than a loose wash style. Also I do NOT use any white or black pigment in my paintings.

The white background of the paper becomes my white, so all my paintings have to be considered and composed before I begin to paint. Therefore I have to use my washes of watercolour pigment, leaving areas that are to be white. Also I don’t use a masking fluid to protect the white areas, I prefer to rely on my skill as a watercolour artist and feel this gives a more natural flow to the paintings.

I do not use a black watercolour pigment. For the black, shaded areas of my watercolour paintings I paint using a culmination of layers of primary watercolour pigments, that create a darker tone of colour.

Painting in watercolours means I paint from light to dark, building up the tones of colour and getting the consistency and depth of watercolour pigment just right. I love the transparent flow of watercolours, where the layers of different watercolour pigments combine to create a new hue.

When painting landscapes I try to communicate how I see the world, such as how branches on a tree can bend and dip to the ground, how the moss lies and grows on the bark, how the sun reflects the autumn colours in the leaves and how a landscape view can draw you in.

Watercolour Paintings (Pigments)

When painting portraits it’s essential I portray the emotion in the

eyes, painting everything but the whites of the eyes. I have to capture the personality of the individual and a sense of the relationship between the individuals in a group or family portrait.

As you can see I’m passionate about my art and I specialise in my own unique style of watercolour painting, please enjoy my work, view my galleries and contact me if your require more information or wish to commission me. Check my availability

When painting portraits, I prefer to paint from a sitting and meeting the client, but I am happy to create a portrait from a photograph or create a new composition from several photographs. I mainly paint portraits of people, but if you have a loved animal, home or landscape view you want capturing in watercolour, then please get in touch to discuss your ideas and plans.

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